IMG_2807 (1)And the life teaches us even if we resist…

When I am looking at my notes, I can see that I didn’t underline much.. But the book is still in my head, with all the details, and with all the concepts which had been given so vividly..

Just take a look… Maybe you like it… Maybe you want to read more… Maybe..



* Have courage.Open your heart,and listen to what your dreams tell you.Follow those dreams ,because only a person who is not ashamed can manifest glory of God.

* There is no sin,but lack of love.

* Have courage,be capable of loving even if love appears to be a treacherous and terrible thing.Be happy in love.Be joyful in victory.Follow the dictates of your heart.

* His teacher had taught him from the beginning that there are frontiers.That it was necessary to go as far as possible-but that there were certain times when one had to accept the mystery,and understand that each person had his own gift.Some knew how to cure,others possessed words of wisdom,while others conversed with spirits.It was through the sum of such gifts that God could demonstrate his glory,using humankind as his instrument.The Gates to paradise would be open to those who had resolved that they would pass through them.The world was in the hands of those who had the courage to dream-and to realize their dreams.

The Valkyries- Paulo Coelho