This book talks about itself. It’s about a boy, seeing the things people can’t . It’s all about a boy I can say, who is about to make a decition about his life,to be or not to be in a way.-)



* When you want something ,all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

* Prophets and the madmen were one and the same.

* A man cannot fight his destiny-he had tried and had lost.

* ”You have discovered how everything is simple.Having courage is enough.”

* When a man journeys toward his destiny ,often he is obliged to change paths.

* ”I never thought of being a prophet.”

”You did,but you were convinced that it was impossible. Or it was dangerous. Or that it was unthinkable.

* The Lord had given him a gift,and he did not know what to do with it.

* Everyone hears voices as a child,but not everyone  sees an angel. Someoe who goes on listening to the same voices he heard as a child.And still believes in them.In this way ,he can know the angel’s thoughts.”

‘Yes,I know what you are talking about”said the little boy.”I have friends no one else can see.”

”Never forget them,even if adults call it foolishness.”

* ”Love is dangerous,”He said.

”Very”replied the angle,”and so??”

* ”Everthing in life demands training.”

”Even being a prophet?”

”Even to understand angels.We so want to talk with them that we don’t listen what they’re saying.It’s now easy to listen;in our prayers we always try to say where we have erred,what we should like to happen to us.But the Lord already knows all of this,and sometimes asks us only to hear what the Universe is telling us.And to be patient.”

* All life’s battles teaches us something,even those we lose.When you grow up,you’ll discover that you have defended lies,deceived yourself,or suffered for foolishness.If you are a good warrior,you will not blame yourself for this,but neither will you ,allow your mistakes to repeat themselves.

* ”I am afraid” said the little boy.

”That proves that you find joy in living.It is normal to feel fear at certain moments.”

*”Because a man must choose.He must see the power of his decision.

He who maketh no choise is dead in the eyes of the Lord,though he go on breathing and walking in the streets.

* ”Everthing hath its reason for being;thou needest only distinguish what is temporary from what is lasting. ”

”What is temporary??”the boy asked.

”The unavaidable.”

”And what is lasting?”

‘The lessons of the unavoidable.”

* Fear reaches only to the point where the unavoidable begins;from there on it loses its meaning.

*The sacred texts will continue only in the hands of those born to study them.

* In the love of a woman ,I discovered the love for all creatures.

* How good that death still exists.

* Do you think suffering and deaths have a meaning?Do you think that it is necessary to destroy thousands of lives to teach someone something?

* If you have a  past  that dissatisfies you,forget it now.Imagine a new story of your life,and believe in it.Concentrate only on those moments in which you achieved what you desired,and this strength will help you to accomplish what you want.

* Everything that could have happened but did not is carried away with the wind and leaves no trace.Life is made of our attitudes.And there are certain things that the god oblige us to live through.Their reason for this does not matter,and there is no action we can take to make them pass us by.

* I’m afraid only of myself.

* A child can always teach an adult three things;to be happy for no reason,to always be busy with something,and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.

* Sometimes it was necessary to struggle with God.Every human being at some time had tragedy enter his life;it might be the destruction of a city,the death of a son,an unproved accusation,a sickness that left one lame forever.At that moment,God challanged one to confront Him and to answer his question.”Why tost thou cling fast to an existance to short and so filled with suffering?What is the meaning of thy struggle?”

The man who did not know how to answer this question would resign himself,while another ,one who sought a meaning to existance ,feeling that God had been unjust ,would challange his own destiny.It was at this moment that fire of a different type descended from the heavens-not the fire that kills but the kind that tears down ancient walls and imparts to each human being his true possibilities.Cowards never allow their hearts to blaze with this fire;all they desire is for the changed situation to quickly return what it was before,so they can go on living their lives and thinking in their customary way.The brave,however,set afire that which was old,and even at the cost of great internal suffering,abandon everything,including God,and continue onward.

”The brave are always stubborn.”

From heaven ,God smiles contentedly,for it was his this that He desired,that each person take into his hands the responsibility for his own life.For,in the final analysis,He had given His children the greatest of all gifts;the capacity to choose and determine their acts.

Only those men and women with the sacred flame in their hearts had the courage to confront Him.And they alone knew that path back to His love,for they understood that tragedy was now punishment but challange.

* At the end,he understood..He had fled from doubt.From defeat.From moments of indecition.But the Lord was generous and had led him to the abbys of the unavoidable,to show him that man must choose-and not accept -his fate.

* I fought Thee,Lord,and I am not ashamed.And because of it I discovered that I am on my path because such is my wish,not because it was imposed on me by my father and mother,by the customs of my country,or even by Thee.

* ”Can a man cast from his heart the pain of a loss??”

”No.But he can find joy in something won.”

* A warrior is always aware of what is worth fighting for.He does not go into combat over things that do not concern him,and he never wastes his time over provocations.

A warrior accepts defeat.He does not treat it as a master of indifference,nor does he attempt to transform it into a victory.The pain of defeat is bitter to him;he suffers at indifference and becomes desperate with loneliness.After all this has passed ,he licks his wounds and begins everything anew.A warrior knows that war is made of many battles;he goes on.

Tragedies do happen.We can discover the reason,blame others,imagine how different our lives could be had they not occured.But none of that is important;They did occur,and so be it.From there onward we must put aside the fear that they awoke in us and begin to rebuild.

*O Lord!Today is the Day of Atonement,and my list of sins against Thee is long.I have been weak ,for I have forgotten my strength.I have been compassionate when I should have been firm.I have failed to choose,for fear of making the wrong decition.I have yielded before the time to do so,and I have blasphemed when I should have given thanks.

Still,Lord,I have also a long list of Thy sins against me.Thou hast made me suffer more than was just,by taking from this world one that I loved.Thy harshness almost made me forget the love I have for Thee.For all that time I struggled with Thee,yet Thou dost not accept the worthiness of my combat.

If we compare the list of my sins with the list of Thy sins ,Thou shalt see that Thou art in my dept.But,as today is the Day of Atonement ,give me Thy forgiveness and I shall forgive Thee,so that we may go on walking at each other’s side.

* Would that thou mightest act as do men who are given a second chance;do not twice commit the same error.Never forget the reason for thy life.

* Take advantage of the chance that tragedy has given you;not everyone is capable of doing so.

* Long since ,the desert wind wiped away our footprints in the sand.But at every second of my existance ,I remember what happened,and you still walk in my dreams and in my reality.Thank you for having crossed my path.

* Sadness does not last forever when we walk in the direction of that which we always desired.

”Is it always necessary to leave??”

”It’s always necessary to know when a stage of one’s life has ended.If you stubbornly cling to it after the need has passed ,you lose the joy and meaning of the rest.And you risk being shaken to your sences by God.

”The Lord is stern”

”Only with those He has chosen.”

Yes..God sometimes could be very stern,but never beyond a person’s capacity.

* When we are on high,we can see everything else as small.

Our glory and our sadness lose their importance .Whatever we conquered or lost remains there below.From the heights of mountain,you see how large the world is,and how wide its horizons.

* ”I know what needs to be changed.”

”Then change it.Don’t let things remain idle.”

The Fifth Mountain- Paulo Coelho